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Sunday, October 27, 2013

sister sister!

Hello everyone, feels like forever since i last updated the blog but in reality its only been a week. okay so today I'm coming to you with an OOTD post as usual. This pictures were taken last week and since i was all dressed up i couldn't let this outfit go to waste. I visited my sister this past week and we had a blast its always nice to catch up since i don't see her very often, only when shes home. okay so about my outfit, it was a last minute thing i put together, just a simple brown peplum dress, a little black blazer because it was freezing outside, a gold necklace & earrings, and a pair of leopard print wedge ( which by the way look gorgeous but they killed my feet) they where very comfortable to walk in i won't lie but after a while they start to hurt, and being more of a flats kinda girl i ditched the wedge and later donned on a pair of flats , what can i say i have A very low tolerance to pain. Okay let me stop blabbing on and get to the exciting bit...yes you guessed Right its picture time, hope you like it :)














Okay that's all folks, i hope you enjoyed this post. I've got three posts planned this week, hopefully i don't get sidetracked. so keep your eyes peeled for those and on Tuesday is another ''Lets Talk Tuesday'' post i would love for you to vote on what topic you'd like me to discuss so go on VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! the poll is on the right-side and also don't be shy feel free to leave your lovely comments down below on the comment box and i will be sure to reply to every single one of you lovely lots. Have a great week! 

                                                                        -XOXO Precious 

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