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Sunday, May 26, 2013


So, this is actually my first proper blog post. i say this because i have had many attempts on making one but never saw it through and i'm super excited because for the first time i took my time, got dressed and picked out my church clothing carefully, i mean if it were my choice i would make up an excuse not to got to church but being nigerian there's no way around that. my parents will make me go even though there was an earthquake. so without anymore hesitation heres what i wore to church today hope you like it.

it was a bit chilly here in new york so i had to pair it up with a blue blazer. 

ugh, i love this shirt, its very plain but then the sleeves just have these aztec print that i'm in love with, its so comfortable and fits perfectly, making it easy for any type of movement. 

Now we get to my favorite part. the shoes. these black heels made me taller than i'll probably ever be, they are nice, they have great support making it hard to fall. i don't know how i managed to walk in them but thank God i did not fall when i got up to drop my offering. 

ahhh! i love this bag its so small and portable but once you open it you'd be surprised how much space it has. i can put almost anything inside, and the best part is it carries a lot of weight. other than the fact that its black, it goes well with pretty much any color, its very useful.

don't think the necklace and earrings were visible in the other pictures but here it is. my hair is a bit rough at the point. dont judge me. feel free to leave comments and thoughts i would love those :)x 

Blazer: Thrift shop 
Shirt: Thrift shop 
Skirt: Thrift shop 
Shoes: Just-fab
Bag: Macys
Earings: unknown