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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Green Jacket

       Heya peeps! How's it going? hope all is well. okay so I'm bringing you an OOTD as per usual. And as prom is getting closer I need to get a dress that's not too expensive, senior day, college tuition and etc ( more reason to be stressed) but fear not I'll have everything sorted out real soon. I hope. Okay so today I wanted to go for a very simple look, something not too forced / too much effort so I decided to pair my all black out fit with a staple green jacket, because it's gives this outfit a little " POP" if you will. So without anymore prom or jacket talk here's what I wore today :) 

Thanks for reading. before I go I just wanted to say a massive thank you to every single person that has taken time out of their day to visit, follow or even comment on my blog. I never imagined I would get this far but thank you all so much for helping me get to 10,000 page visits, I know it may not be a huge number to some, but It is to me and I really appreciate it. Once again thank you all so very much. 

Mac ( Ruby Woo) & kate Moss (104) Lipstick Review

        Hey lovelies, today I'm coming to you with a make-up review! Ta-da! *waves hands in the air like I just don't care* okay so I purchased my MAC ruby woo lipstick and Kate Moss lip stick over 4months ago and I must say I have fallen in love. I usually never wore lipsticks because it was never my thing until one day my sister bought it and being the little snoopy head I am I " borrowed " it and the moment I put it on I couldn't fall out of love with it, so I scurried my little self to the mall and purchased my very first MAC product / lipstick and I must tell you it's the best $16 I have spent and I don't regret it because I am happy to say it's lasted me for almost 5 months! and not only that but it's also long lasting. I don't find myself reaching into my purse to reapply it every hour or so and it smells so good, eh I wouldn't advise you to taste it though. There's just something about this lipstick that makes me feel happy, confident as though I can conquer the world. Everytime I put it on it's like I've put on a cloak filled with nothing but sass and I love it and now that it's almost finished, I've gathered up money to buy another one & YES it is a great investment. 

okay now enough blabbering about how much I love my mac Lippie onto kate moss Lippie. Okay so I've heard a lot of people rant about this lipstick and I've wanted it for a very long time so I made my friend get it for me but sadly the 107 was SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE! So I decided to settle for color 104 now what I love about it is the smell it smells so nice but what I don't like is the " texture" if you will. The color isn't really my color so I have to mix it with some other Lippie. I wouldn't purchase this color again being that it doesn't suit me but I would deffinitely buy the 107 if it isn't sold out in every drug store.  

Have you or do you currently have any of these lipsticks? Let me know what you think in the comment box below & please 
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pastel Perfect


            Hey guys, I know I know long time no blog and I have no other excuse other than I've been super busy with school. I know it's a lame excuse but it's almost over and then I can be 100% devoted to blogging I promise ya! so as we all know Spring has crept up on us and now I'm so excited because there will be no more cold weather and hopefully no more falling ill ( fun fact: I've been ill every month since winter started.  Okay so maybe it's not so much of a fun fact) anyhoo today I went to church and lord knows I haven't been there since the year began ( hides face in shame) I know I know it's awful! But now that things are slowing down I've descided to start going again and partially the reason I didn't go was because I was always sick and it was always too cold and my bed is way too comfy on Sundays. Okay so enough with my oh so boring ramblings, I've got some exciting news so the "company awards" is creeping up on us and I would absolutely love it if you guys helped me out and nominate me for " best style blogger under 18" it would mean the world to me I don't know if I would say " I deserve it" because I don't blog as often but nevertheless it would be such a thrill to win. okay so for real now today's outfit was one of those " let me see what's been hiding in my closet" type of Outift and I found my favorite blazer I'm sure y'all are tired of seeing this blazer and I found this flowery pants that I have never worn mainly because I've never had it within sight, and I may look a bit different because I ditches my MAC Lippie and used my kate moss Lippie instead and I might do a review on both reallllyyyy soon. So without anymore staling here's what I wore today hope you like it.