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Friday, May 16, 2014


          Hey everyone, today I'm coming to you with a little spring haul. I went window shopping a little while back because I was trying to save up some money, and let's just say that didn't work out too well. Once I entered forever 21 I said bye bye savings and hello pastel blazer, mint satchel and & pastel pink tank top. I'm terrible at saving but I promise I'll get better at it. so after my adventurous detour to f21 I decided to visit my fav store VS I wasn't looking for anything In particular until I saw this perfume / body spray. I tried on a sampler and it was a no brainer I had to get it. Last but no least my lipsticks, I admit it I have a huge obsession with mac ruby woo Lippie and I can't get enough of it even though they increased the price ( oh yes they did) I was a bit apprehensive though but weighing the pros of this Lippie I had to get it. The other lipstick ( kiko makeup Milano ) was gifted to me by a friend who recently visited Italy.  And finally the slip-ons, I am very late to the party and I know pretty much everyone's got their own pair of slipons but better late than never yea? alright so I hope you like this post. If you do leave comments, follow, give it a thumbs up / down please don't be too mean. 

BLAZER: forever 21 
Tank top: forever 21 
Satchel: forever 21 
Perfume : Victoria secret 
Slipons: macys 
ruby woo lipstic: MAC 
Makeup Milano : kiko cosmetics  

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