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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lets Talk Tuesday: Blogger Vs. Vlogger!

                           Hello lovelies, today is the second installment of my blog series ''Lets Talk Tuesday'' and the topic for today is *drum roll please* Blogger Vs. Vlogger which would you rather be? Okay so let me jump right into it, honestly speaking i don't know which one I'd rather be, because i love both. i love watching vloggers on my laptop/ipad with my sweet cuppa-tea so i cant choose. I would say being a vlogger, allows people to see what kind of person you are, because bloggers are all hidden behind words and readers cant really depict what kind of person you are, no matter how well or how awful you write.

                         Hopefully, sometime in the future i will venture out into vlogging, and by future I'm talking a couple of years to come. I love the idea of talking to yourself in a camera and not thinking ''have i lost the plot? do i need to be checked into a mental hospital, because i am rather very comfortable talking to camera?'' i think its fun, the not so fun part though would be telling people i have  a vlog, i am satisfied with them knowing i have a blog but if it lips out, then it is what it is at that point. A down side to it would be me having to invest in a Macbook or something of that sort, because it has the best video editing so i have heard, but until then i am very happy just being a blogger and interacting with other bloggers, vlogging shall come later on but for now i am quite happy.

                           So the question now is, would you rather be a Blogger or a Blogger? let me know what you think in the comment box below and just a quick thank you to everyone who voted on this weeks topic. I'll put up another poll for next ''lets Talk Tuesday'' so please be the wonderful bloggers you are and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! on what topic you would like me to chat about, Until then have a great day and thanks for stopping by.