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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Falling For Fall

               Hey guys, how has everyone been? Well i have been sick for about a week now, and I've got a cold that just wouldn't go away and having a very weak immune system doesn't help either. Anyhoo as we all know fall has snuck up on us and now the days are shorter and nights are longer which means more sleepy time for me and more time to put outfits together. I love fall because it requires a little bit of layering, not too much not too little, and also i actually enjoy drinking a cuppa hot tea, wear big sweaters and just snuggle up in bed. For my fall look i opted to keep it simple but yet coordinate it with the weather here in NYC. After ransacking my closet (its a mess now by the way and i probably wont be arranging it until like never)  i decided to don on a plain white tee, a green blazer-jacket, a green scarf and a pair or dark-denim pants. This look was so easy and comfortable to pull off, and i predicts i will be wearing this jacket a bit more often now that i know i have it, okay now here the fun part... it's picture time. hope you like it...enjoy!

          Okay, so i hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments down at the comment box i would really appreciate all the feedback i can get. Next Tuesday is another episode of ''Lets Talk Tuesday'' and since its been a huge hit, i would need everyone of you to VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! on what topic you want me to talk about. I haven't put up a topic yet but i will get to it eventually and I'll let you know when i do. Thank you for taking time out of your day and stopping by my blog, have a lovely week. 


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lets Talk Tueday: What Is (are) Your Life Goal/Dream (s)

                    Hello everyone. Today's is another installment of my blog series ''Lets Talk Tuesday'' If this is your first time seeing one of these posts then i hope you enjoy it and stick around because i intend on doing these posts for a long time. So as usual i gave out topics and you all voted, and today's topic is *drum roll please* What is (are) your life goal/dream (s). First of all let me define what a goal is, i think a goal is something that you want to achieve at a certain time. Some people have song term goals which are goals you set and wish to achieve in days or weeks and other have Long term goals which are gaols people set to achieve in months even years.

                    My goals in life are what you'd call  very unrealistic and trust me sometimes i find myself pondering why would i want to do this, but there always something telling me to stick with it, and being very reserved i am very protective of my goals because i fear someone would say something that will discourage me. Some people have goals and dreams of being a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or even being the president but my goal is to be an established singer-songwriter. I want to sell countless records have way too many #1's , sell out arenas and even stadiums, win grammys, and i want to make a difference and feel like i have impacted the world through my music. we live in a world where everyone is different. we have different religions and different cultures but i know the one thing that brings people together is music and i want to be able to do that. I want to buy my parents a house and i want them to be proud of me, i want to do something that i can put my heart and soul into, and never have to complain a day in may life because no matter how hard it is the love i have for it outweighs the obstacles i may face. Now the burning question is how on earth am i going to achieve this goal....honestly i don't know how, and i don't know where to start, all i have is hope. I do have a backup plan because in life we don't always get what we want. i don't know if I'm crazy but i just have this Strong belief that its going to happen (yeah I'm definitely crazy) all i know is i spend lonely days with a note book writing songs and i disturb my neighbors belting out songs day and night (my apologies. I'm sure they hate me by now) i tell my friends that someday i will sell out Madison square garden not as an opening act or a supporting act but as a headlining act, and they laugh because I'm probably the most unrealistic person they know, but i also know that you haven't made it until you sell out MSG. will i achieve my goals maybe i will maybe i wont but I'd be damned if i never gave it a shot.

                         Everyone has a life goal/dream, some want to be doctors, some want to lawyers. I want to be the most unrealistic thing on earth an established singer-songwriter. Let me know what your life goals & dreams are down below in the comment box. thanks for voting for tonight's topic! another poll will be up so get voting. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Music Monday #2

          Hello you lovely lots, how are you all doing? well I'm doing just fine actually except for the applying to college bit which has been very frustrating but I'm holding up just fine. Today is the second installment of music Monday and i have got some interesting music to share with you today. As you may or may not know i have a very versatile play-list and for me its not about it being a pop song or whatever if i like the music i like it. You could be the worst singer on earth but if you've got that one really good song I'll listen to it and download it on my iPhone. So before i continue rambling on here's what I've been listening  to lately.

1. MOVE- by Little Mix : Where do i begin? well first of i really love this song its such a good song and just makes you want to MOVE hence the name of the song. This song is very well written and the beat is great. i also love how everyone gets a chance to show off their vocals without overshadowing each other. I am yet to download this song on my phone only because i don't have enough storage space but that will all change once i delete some unwanted apps. but i would definitely recommend this is its very seriously it is very catchy. you'll be singing it non-stop before you know it.

2. STORY OF MY LIFE- by One Direction : When i first heard this song i was a bit surprised at how diffident it was, its not like their usual high-tempo overly catchy pop songs, rather its very mellow and melody driven. in this song everyone gets to show off their vocals without overshadowing each other but you cant deny the most prominent voices that are constantly heard Zayn Malik and Harry Styles. Zayn's voice being the strongest of the band and also the most mature and Melody driven handles his high notes perfectly without any struggle and same goes to styles. This song overall is just a really good song, and it somehow reminds me of something I'd hear from Mumford and sons.

3. CREEP- by TLC : Okay so recently a TLC movie premiered here in America and being a fan i watched it along with almost everyone around the country. I've heard a good chunk of their songs but the one that stood out the most was CREEP and if you don't already get what it means it just basically means creeping on your boyfriends phone without letting him know what you know/do. C'mon we've been there, and most of the time its not like we want to but we creep and find things we don't want to find. Although, this song is an oldie its also a goody, and the chorus is very catchy, once i heard it i couldn't stop singing it.

4. I HOPE-by Rebecca Ferguson : You may have heard of rebecca from the x factor, but shes come very far from her x factor days. her voice is one of those rare voices that once you hear, they capture you and them you re hooked. shes one of those Adele's, Amy Winehouse', and even Emeli Sande's. she sounds the same live and on her records. I HOPE is a very direct song to an ex basically wishing them well. sometimes its hard to wish them well and sometimes we don't want to wish them well but that's the only way we can grow and I HOPE sends out that message perfectly

5. STAY THE NIGHT- by Zedd ft. Hayley Williams (from paramore) : Gosh i love this song, mind you I've always thought zedd was a girl until recently when i figured its actually a guy *smacks forehead* but this song is such a good song at first i hated it, but then slowly i couldn't get it out of my head and it just became an instant favorite. zedd is actually a DJ he makes the beat/song just like Avicii, & david Guetta but Hayley Williams basically sings it and she did that record justice i cant think of anyone better for that track.

          Okay gals, its been fun sharing whats on my play-list with you, let me know it you've listened to any of them recently and what you think of them down below on the comment box. I also want to say a massive thank you to everyone who votes on the ''Lets Talk Tuesdays'' polls you are all very lovely, and since next week is another installment feel free to get voting. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! on what topic you would like me to talk about. until next time. Bye gals.

                                                                                      -XOXO Precious