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Monday, October 14, 2013

Music Monday

          Hello everyone! old, young, middle-aged. Followers, non-followers, readers, old readers, hello. So before i continue i just want to say a big massive thank you to everyone who stops by to read my blog and even takes the time out to leave a comment, i am very grateful for you lots and for all you've done. I'm about to hit 5,000 page views and I'll probably hit it by the time this goes up, i don't know about you but 5,000 is quite a lot, i mean i cant even count that far I'd get too lazy and probably stop at 500. It still surprises me that people form all over the world stop by my little tiny blog and its just so heart-warming and i don't think yous know how much i appreciate it. Just this past week people form different parts of the world visited my page but the most shocking was a place called ''Belarus'' i have never heard of this place until last week and i forced myself to google it, it does in fact exist. I was so chuffed and i could not contain myself because it was just so surprising, knowing that people from ''Belarus'' view my blog. I'm just very grateful so once again thanks gals. okay so on to today's agenda its the first installment of my ''Music Mondays'' series and today I've got quite a few interesting musicians that i have been listening to in my very versatile play-list, so without any further ado / adieu (not quite sure how its spelled and google isn't helping either) here is what on my play-list hope you enjoy!

1.''Royals''- Lorde.  So I'm probably late on the Lorde band-wagon but I've got to say this girl is really talented and her song royals is amazing! it just makes you want to nod your head uncontrollably especially when she gets to the pre-chorus of the song. Being the same age i just feel very happy that someone my age can sing such a brilliant & well written song that people older can enjoy.

2. ''Hold On We're Going Home''- Drake. I'm not really a fan of drake but this song is definitely my jam! i don't think there is a way that you can listen to this song and not want to burst out the lyrics even though you re in a public place (Advice: don't burst out the lyrics in a public place, you might regret it) i love this song so much so its probably the most played song on my iPhone at the moment.

3. ''Let Her Go''-Passenger Well...this song hits too close to home at the moment, it has a very deep meaning for me and if you've ever fallen in love (mentally cringes at the word love) and then gotten your heart broken, but you still love the person and the best thing is to let them go, you'll  understand this song perfectly, especially when he get to he sings ''you only know you love her when you let her go...and you let her go'' its a very sad sad song, but i love it.

4. ''Wrecking Ball''-Miley Cyrus This song just like ''Let Her Go'' hits close to home . i personally am not a big fan of mileys character especially after that stunt she pulled at the VMA's this year, but i will say this is an amazing song.

5. '' Gorilla'' -Bruno Mars. Honestly. out of all these artists I've mentioned Bruno mars is the best! he was at the 02 this past week and everyone said he did a great job. this song like everyone else says is ''baby-making music'' and I'm WAY too young and irresponsible to be making babies but that doesn't stop me form listening. He hits all his notes perfectly while keeping the melodies in place. To me he's the best male performer live, and have you seen the magic him and his band do when they're on stage? its just amazing.

 PHEW! I've narrowed down whats on my play-list, hope you like it and if these are new artists you've never heard of then check them out i promise you wont regret it. if there are any artists you'd like to suggest to me feel free to leave them under the comment box I'd love to check them out. Lets not forget, tomorrow is another installment of ''Lets Talk Tuesday'' so go and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! on what topic you'd like me to talk about. Before i let you go I've got a quick question! Bruno Mars or Justin Timberlake who's a better artist?