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Friday, July 5, 2013

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        Hello lovelies long time no chat, yesterday me and my fellow americans celebrated our independence day, no i don't know how old america is and i could have googled it but eh i didn't and i  know its a bit of a letdown but hey im human. i celebrated with some strangers i didn't know, it was one of those parties your parents force you to attend and when you get there they force you to make friends kind of thing, yeah thats what i went to. Anyhoo sorry for not posting, my camera wasnt working and its still in the process of being fixed and since i haven't gotten around to posting i'm going to be posting back to back to back  from today through sunday hopefully, so be on the lookout for any posts. so without any further ado here is what i wore to celebrate america's independence day, i wore a white tank-top, blue high waisted shorts, red shoes and a black coverup. i was trying to incorporate the colors in the flag hope you enjoy because i thoroughly enjoyed myself.

it was really sunny outside, and i know black attracts heat but it looked like it was going to rain so i just decided to wear that, the shorts are so cute love them and the shoes are very very comfy. ha i've  just realized this is my first post where i am not wearing heels, ha don't get to excited this life of comfy shoes wont last long anyway. 

yeah after a while i had to take off the coverup because i think the sun was barbecuing my skin as opposed to the meat, i think i got a tan after being in the sun for so long. 

sitting on this thing made me so scared i could've died guys like seriously never again. 

okay so everyone knows that i am a tree hugger actually thats a lie im not but hey if i see a tree and i just so happen to be taking pictures i will hug it, and okay so maybe i thought for a split second i could fly because clearly i was singing ''i believe i can fly'' whilst trying to defy gravity, and as it turns out it wasn't THAT awful, i mean is it? and lastly i had to twirl for y'all, even though i ran the risk of having my weave dance from north to south it didn't matter. 

okay guys hope you enjoyed this one, leave your thoughts/comments down below and i will reply, i always do and i also love to hear what you guys think no really i do like seriously i do. keep your eyes peeled (no don't go literally peeling your eyes) for my next post which will be very very soon who knows maybe its tomorrow or next tomorrow, just keep you eyes peeled and if you feel like peeling your eyes then thats alright too, actually thats not so don't do that, thats a terrible idea. (i'm joking guys, i'm a really bad comedian like really bad) see ya next time :) x 

-Precious XOXO 

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