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Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hello everyone, 

       today I'm coming to you with a OOTD as per usual. As the sun gets warmer so dose my closet. I'm sure I'm not the only one who rearranges her closet in accordance to seasons ? Or am I? ( dang it! ). I've brought out the warmer colors and yes so far I am absolutely loving it. See I'm a girl that just sticks to the neutral colors, I mean what else is there ? I am very comfortable with playing around with colors but I like to save the colors for winter time but maybe I'll bring them back in another post. okay so enough of my oh so boring ramblings let's talk about Lé outfit. okay so today my coffee pants ( I'm absolutely obsessed with the gold studs on the sides & these pants are too comfy for life) with a white long sleeve ( which has gold studs by the pocket) and a beige-nude-brown heels ( I love the fact that it's got like snake skin patterns on it which aren't very visible to see. I loved these heels but I  won't lie they aren't very comfy then again maybe it's because they didn't have platforms) oh and let's not forget the show stopper michael kors purse.