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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lucky Strike

         Toodaluu fellow bloggers, nice of you to join me on my blog today and i know i haven't blogged in a little while but on the bright side i am back and i don't think i'll be away anytime soon so expect some good posts coming to a theater near you! ha, that was a joke. okay so enough with my horrific joke telling and on to a more serious note. So my birthday was this past thursday july 25th, but i couldn't celebrate because my friends were unavailable so we moved our outing to saturday, then came saturday we went to the city, ate and laughed our butts off, then we went bowling which was a first time for me and i will have you know i hit 2 strikes and i won, no they didn't let me win because it was my ''birthday'' they just REALLY sucked hey but i still love them. Overall we all had a BLAST even though i had to ditch two of them because it was getting late. i had so much fun when i got home i was so exhausted i couldn't even bring myself to wash the makeup off my face and writing this post right now i have a severe headache it almost feels like a hangover making me question if i had any liquor last night but sadly i don't remember drinking any liquor. okay so let me stop ranting because i could go on and on and on. By the way this post is very picture packed, which is my way of making up for not posting. hope you enjoy :)xxx

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Greener On The Other Side

Hello, lovely followers, readers, people who so happen to stumble across my not too awful blog, first of all just want to say a very quick thank you to every one who comes to read or follow. although i am sure most of them are from my mom, sister or friends who i threat to come and see what i've posted, i'm pretty sure they just refresh the page over and over again. but all in all thank you so very much. anyhoo moving on to todays antics i felt like wearing green today, not really a fan of the color but it didn't hurt to match it up with some fab shoes i just recently got. so i hope you like this post because i  am somewhat proud of myself for wearing such bright and bold colors in this weather, seriously its burning hot in new york city, but after months of winter its good to finally get some sunshine. and also quick apology for my countless attempts to model as you will see i wasn't born with the naomi campbell genes...unfortunately for me *insert sad face here* enjoy, no seriously enjoy x

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Aviator 007'

So for some reason i've been somewhat loyal to posting these days, and i feel as though i deserve a pat on the back for keeping my promise i did promise a post very soon and here it is, sorry for making you guys peel your eyes for hours. Anyhoo, todays post is going to be action packed.... from me killing aliens in space to me fighting evil as agent that was a joke although i wouldn't mind being a bond girl i think every girl would love that position any-day anytime. but on a more serious note and no more cracking lame jokes this post is very picture packed, because i don't know when next i will be posting again so i took it upon myself to deliver you guys a great post with laughter and pictures and as you can see i have failed horribly with the first part, i don't think i have succeeded in making anyone laugh at this point so i am hoping the pictures will make up for it and hope you guys like it sorry in advance for the excessive use of sunglasses like i said i felt like agent 007

Friday, July 5, 2013

Star Spangled Banner

        Hello lovelies long time no chat, yesterday me and my fellow americans celebrated our independence day, no i don't know how old america is and i could have googled it but eh i didn't and i  know its a bit of a letdown but hey im human. i celebrated with some strangers i didn't know, it was one of those parties your parents force you to attend and when you get there they force you to make friends kind of thing, yeah thats what i went to. Anyhoo sorry for not posting, my camera wasnt working and its still in the process of being fixed and since i haven't gotten around to posting i'm going to be posting back to back to back  from today through sunday hopefully, so be on the lookout for any posts. so without any further ado here is what i wore to celebrate america's independence day, i wore a white tank-top, blue high waisted shorts, red shoes and a black coverup. i was trying to incorporate the colors in the flag hope you enjoy because i thoroughly enjoyed myself.