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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lets Talk Tuesday: How To be More Confident?

                   Hello, my lovely readers. I hope everyone is doing fine on this wonderful Tuesday evening. Today i am  coming to you with a new series called ''Lets Talk Tuesdays'' which for those who don't know what this is, it's just every-other-Tuesday where i talk about topics people want me to talk about, And to kick off this new series everyone seemed more interested in the ''how to be more confident'' topic. The public voted, and now its time for me to deliver and i hope i can help someone gain a little confidence or show them how to go about it. okay so without any further ramblings, lets jump right in.

                     What is confidence? well personally i think confidence is the way you feel about yourself. Self-hate is a slippery-slope to low-confidence-ville, and there is nothing worse than that. people can call you names and talk smack about you, call you fat, ugly, stupid, dumb, but its when you start believing what they say and you develop this self-hate that's when you develop low-confidence.

                     Now that I've covered what i think confidence is, how about we jump into how to be more confident? personally, and anyone who knows me, will tell you that i am a shy person i am really not that confident and i do tend drown in the ocean of self-hate from time to time but, i also know how to swim out of it and jump into lake-i am too fabulous-don't-talk-to-me and i am the most happiest in that lake i tell ya! i Feel there are three ways to be more confident in my book, first of all stop ''drowing in the ocean of self hate, and dive into lake I'm too fabulous''. Secondly, stop comparing yourself with that model you saw in the magazine and how you thought "omg she's so perfect" because 9 out of 10 chance that she doesn't even look like that in person and the last way is to surround yourself with good people, i say this because i have a limited number of Friends (which I deem very healthy, having uncountable bundles of friends isn't really my thing) and they are good people i wouldn't trade them for anything this world has to offer. They all exhibit different qualities and i aspire to be like them because their confidence level is ridiculous, they don't judge you they actually listen to me when i call them crying like a whale. I don't know about you but i wouldn't want to surround myself with people who nag about how much they hate themselves everyday because that's just going to make me wallow in self-hate-ville. So just a word of advice, find good people and stop drowning, you'll do more harm than good.

                     Okay guys, i hope i did a good job and helped someone somewhere. Let me know your tips on how to be more confident and I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who voted on the poll and everyone who reads this. So for the next topic i have ran out of ideas so i am giving you the freedom to suggest a topic in the comment box below and i will put it on the poll later on. So until next time, but for now its goodbye :) xxx

                                                                 Precious - XOXO