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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lucky Strike

         Toodaluu fellow bloggers, nice of you to join me on my blog today and i know i haven't blogged in a little while but on the bright side i am back and i don't think i'll be away anytime soon so expect some good posts coming to a theater near you! ha, that was a joke. okay so enough with my horrific joke telling and on to a more serious note. So my birthday was this past thursday july 25th, but i couldn't celebrate because my friends were unavailable so we moved our outing to saturday, then came saturday we went to the city, ate and laughed our butts off, then we went bowling which was a first time for me and i will have you know i hit 2 strikes and i won, no they didn't let me win because it was my ''birthday'' they just REALLY sucked hey but i still love them. Overall we all had a BLAST even though i had to ditch two of them because it was getting late. i had so much fun when i got home i was so exhausted i couldn't even bring myself to wash the makeup off my face and writing this post right now i have a severe headache it almost feels like a hangover making me question if i had any liquor last night but sadly i don't remember drinking any liquor. okay so let me stop ranting because i could go on and on and on. By the way this post is very picture packed, which is my way of making up for not posting. hope you enjoy :)xxx

 My posts are never complete without bathroom selfies :) x

 Le Besties of life starting from left: Jeanine, Doyin, Me, Tedankay, Sarah, Yvonne.

 Honestly the rate at which she was hugging me you'd think we haven't seen each other in decades

  An outing is never complete without McDonanld's never ever!

 Times Square was super duper packed and i saw madame tassuads statue of  morgan freeman and holy jesus it looked exactly like him at one point i thought it was, too bad i couldn't get a picture maybe next time :)

Lucky strike was the absolute best, the prices aren't bad at all, considering it was in manhattan, the place is very nice, the staffs are very friendly, celebrities often come here, and the water is free. we all love free water now don't we. i would totally recommend this place, its amazing :)x


okay so this is the end of my birthday post.  i am happy i got to spend it with my friends, i had fun, i laughed, my friend got hit on by a lady (virtual high five doyin), my other friend got hit on my a not too bad looking guy (high five tedankay), we asked a guy to take us pictures and his friends whistled and called me....well us beautiful (but im sure they were talking to me, very sure. now i know who's paying my college tuition *wink wink*) and i single handedly almost bitten by a dog, got home with a cold, a headache, a sore body, and i think i packed on a good 10 pounds form eating too much, so overall i think i had fun or maybe i just partied too hard. Please leave your thoughts and comments down below in the comment box and tell me whatcha think. until next time, but for now toodaluu.

Shirt: Telco 
Jeans: Telco 
Shoes: Payless 
Bag: Macy's