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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Liebster Award Tag

Hi, guys sorry i haven't posted in a while, its because my camera is broken and i wouldn't want to make a post without adding pictures, the pictures somehow bring my words to life, and i wouldnt want yous to be reading a bland post because i know i wouldnt want that either. anyhoo, moving on to todays antics i was tagged in the liebster award tag by my beautiful friend Hannah Hepton. so some of you might be wondering what this award is all about, well its just a way of recognizing up and comming bloggers, and i definitely think a little recognision wouldn't hurt. so this is how it works i have to say 11 random facts about myself, hannah sent me some fab questions which i have been dying to answer and when i answer them i have to select 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and ask them 11 questions, sounds simple ey? well lets see how simple it turns out, because i know i will most likely accidentally delete this one and have to start all over again, i say this because that accident already happened and i am not happy about it. okay so here it goes....

11 Random Facts:

1. my name is precious, no not from the movie, but then again it wouldn't hurt to be an oscar nominee

2. i am 5'5 but i ocasionally claim 5'6 on a good day 

3. i am a nursing student 

4. i love nutella, they are the best thing since slice bread, no really they are 

5. i love ice-cream vanilla is my fav.

6. i LOVE indian movies 

7. i always sleep with a blanket 

8. i am the middle child, and occasionally suffer from middle-child-syndrome

9. i love blogging 

10. i love Grey's anatomy, glee, vampire diaries, PLL's, and Nashville.

11. i play three musical instruments (guitar, piano, vocals)

Hanna's  11 questions:

 1. Since you’ve started blogging, what has been your favourite thing about blogging?
 - well personally i really enjoy interacting with other bloggers from different parts of the world, its a really cool experience.

2. Would you say you’re more of a high end, or high street kinda gal?
- i would say i am more of a high street kinda gal.

3. What’s your ultimate wardrobe staple that you think every girl should have?
- i think every girl should have a blazer, doesn't quite matter what color it is. because a blazer can trun a night time look into a daytime work outfit in a quick second.

4. What is one product you wouldn’t leave the house without wearing or taking with you?
- i wouldnt leave the house without wearing my breauty rush victoria's secret lipgloss, i'd feel totally naked without them, and i would not leave without carrying my iphone, i'd be lost without it the entire day.

5. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
-if i could have any job, i would love to be editor in chief of Vogue or ELLE magazine. i'm a dreamer i know!

6. Who is your idol, someone you admire the most?
- i wouldnt say idol, but i definitely admire my mom a lot she's taught me so many things that i am grateful for 

7. Celebrity whose style you love?
- Hmmmm at the moment i am  digging rihanna's style its very cool, and edgy,  i love it.

8. Heels or flats?
- easy! i live in flats couldnt be bothered with heels although my blog posts would say different, but seriously flats is the only way to go.

9. Shop you can’t walk past without having to buy something?
- at the moment, its ZARA! its such an addicting store love it

10. Favourite song?
-if i begin i wouldn't stop so i'll just narrow it down to a few. at the moment the most played songs on my phone are ''Mirror' - justin timberlake ''Grown woman''-Beyonce  ''river''- Emeli Sande and ''Come and get it''-Selena Gomez

11. Favorite hobby, apart from blogging?
- aww men its the last question already? been enjoying these questions way too much. my hobby apart from blogging is definitely singing, i love it because it just gives me so much joy and happiness.

The People I Am Tagging:
  1. issie by Issie 

 2. Debbie Adesina  by Debbie  

3. Emma  by Emma 

4. chelsea by chelsea Purcell  

5. Bose BY Bose Allen 

 6. fabuleuse, toujours ✿ by Sinead Danielle

 7. Sally by Slly Ifeoma 

 8. Harriet By Harriet Scott-Washington 

 9. mia By Mia 

 10. Francesca  By Francesca Vaughan 

11. Maeve By Maeve  

My 11 Questions 

1. where are you from ?

2. what inspired you to start blogging?

3. what is(are) your favorite summer trends at the moment?

4. if you were stuck on an island who and what would you bring? why?

5. what is one thing you cannot live without?

6. how would you describe yourself in one word?

7. what's your favorite summer song at the moment?

8. if you were to dress/style/makeup a celebrity for an award show who would you pick?

9. who is your fashion inspiration ?

10. what do you think about the Leibster Award Tag ?

11. would you rather: summer or winter? 

Once again thanks to Hannah Hepton for tagging me and Above are the people and questions i have tagged for the award. check out their answers when they post, because i know i cant wait to read them. hope i didn't bore you to death ;) xxx 

this is for the bloggers i've tagged. have fun! xx