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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Aviator 007'

So for some reason i've been somewhat loyal to posting these days, and i feel as though i deserve a pat on the back for keeping my promise i did promise a post very soon and here it is, sorry for making you guys peel your eyes for hours. Anyhoo, todays post is going to be action packed.... from me killing aliens in space to me fighting evil as agent that was a joke although i wouldn't mind being a bond girl i think every girl would love that position any-day anytime. but on a more serious note and no more cracking lame jokes this post is very picture packed, because i don't know when next i will be posting again so i took it upon myself to deliver you guys a great post with laughter and pictures and as you can see i have failed horribly with the first part, i don't think i have succeeded in making anyone laugh at this point so i am hoping the pictures will make up for it and hope you guys like it sorry in advance for the excessive use of sunglasses like i said i felt like agent 007

 okay so there is no general rule of beginning a post with a selfie, so what better way to start off, with me and a mirror. okay so i know i am very conceited but i did not intend for my phone case to match my purse honestly i swear, it just matched and thank the fashion gods it did because if it didn't then i would be screwed, and thats also one of the many reasons i love this case it matches with almost everything i wear! and since i've been into aztecy stuff lately this case just satisfies my aztecy cravings. and no ''aztecy'' isn't a word incase you where wondering.....and im sure you weren't

 hmmm never really a fan of sunglasses but putting them on didnt hurt one bit i kind of enjoyed playing around with them to the point where i started laughing and honestly i dont even know what or who i was laughing at.
 this is what zara shoes do to you, you walk for five seconds and the next thing you know your feet feels like its on fire so you need to sit, but in my case i had to pop a squat, which kind of ended up as a pose

 and we're back with the selfies but this time black and white im sorry i just love mirror picturtes.......... a lot i mean someone has to relate to this...someone?...anyone? c'mon am i the only one who loves mirror selfies?

 so maybe i was in cloud 9 the entire time because these aviators did not leave my eyes like i just fell in love and plus the sun was blazing and blinding i didnt want to take a risk

 just chilling in the sun trying to catch a tan not  like i wasn't already born with all the tanness i need lol

 okay so we all know my daily struggle with me pictures and trees and the logic is pretty simple i am not a tree hugger but if i am taking pictures and there just so happens to be a tree nearby i will indeed hug it just for the sake of taking pictures

 i dont know but i love this picture i look like a wanna be model haaaah this is the part where i laugh at myself and ask '' precious what where you thinking?''

 yep, and my continuous attempt to model continues, its an obvious fail thank God simon cowell doenst judge blogs, because if he did i wouldnt even get half a yes but i mean i am only human let me live.

 more tanning, if youre in new york you'll understand the struggle right now

 pretending to be looking at something whilst taking a picture typical me.

 now this one this is what i call the ''naomi campbell walk''
 sniffing flowers that have thorns hmmmm the things i do to take pictures
 and again with the trees....
 now this is it, im sure yous are tired of looking at pictures so this is the final one you'll see in a little while. i shall be back i promise. over and out... get it because i'm an agent and thats what they usually say? yeah okay i should stop the jokes are horrible.

Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments down below and and i will reply to all of your lovely comments or questions. in the mean time if you want to communicate more heres my Twitter and my Instagram i would love to hear from you guys :) x

                                                                                  Pants- Thrift shop
                                                                                  shoes- ZARA
                                                                                  Clutch- TELCO
                                                                                  Black sunglasses- gojane
                                                                                  Aviators-Easy Pickins