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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Greener On The Other Side

Hello, lovely followers, readers, people who so happen to stumble across my not too awful blog, first of all just want to say a very quick thank you to every one who comes to read or follow. although i am sure most of them are from my mom, sister or friends who i threat to come and see what i've posted, i'm pretty sure they just refresh the page over and over again. but all in all thank you so very much. anyhoo moving on to todays antics i felt like wearing green today, not really a fan of the color but it didn't hurt to match it up with some fab shoes i just recently got. so i hope you like this post because i  am somewhat proud of myself for wearing such bright and bold colors in this weather, seriously its burning hot in new york city, but after months of winter its good to finally get some sunshine. and also quick apology for my countless attempts to model as you will see i wasn't born with the naomi campbell genes...unfortunately for me *insert sad face here* enjoy, no seriously enjoy x

thank you for visiting my blog, please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments down below in the comment box i would love to know what you think. and it you want to get in touch you can reach me via my email which is or tweet me at @_myprecious_ or find me on instagram which @_myprecious_ see ya next time :) xxx

                                                                       -Precious XOXO