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Sunday, June 9, 2013

L-is For?

Hi, guys. happy sunday. yes i know i know its been a week since i last updated and i am sorry, and i feel like i'm going to be constantly apologizing for only updating once a week because i have school and i cant really find time to update. first of all i want to thank everyone for following my little blog i really appreciate it and also thanks to those who have left little nice comments i really appreciate those also. so as we all know my daily battle with church. don't get me wrong i  love going to church but i hate waking up, then again who enjoys waking up in the morning? if you do then i have a lot of respect for you. Anyhoo! moving on today i was feeling......what's the word i'm looking and trust me you'll understand once you see the pictures and they are a lot, this is me making up for not updating, but i was just happy that my sugar daddies bought me some nice things.. LOL that was a joke...i hope you're laughing at this're not? okay then this is really awkward. NO i don't have any sugar daddies. Anyway without any further ranting i present to you what i wore to church today. enjoy!

firstly my shirt: i'm not even going to go into detail with this shirt its just a white shirt, very plain but i honestly couldn't think of a better shirt to pair with this outfit and i do apologize for the ''model'' pose i was feeling myself a little bit. 

secondly my pants: okay so me and this pants have always had a love/hate relationship, and today we clearly had a love relationship. the funny thing is i had originally put it into a bag that i was going to give to charity months ago and my mom already took the bag away but surprisingly yesterday i saw it lying around so i ''stole'' it back and decided to try it on, best part is it still fit just perfectly, and although it looks like a jean it really isn't so i wasn't sacred to wear it to church, because i cant really wear jeans to church and all that jazz. yeah and again i apologize for my constant attempt to ''model'' as you can tell it was a horrible fail, like i said i felt very affluent today, probably thought i was naomi campbell or something. forgive me. 

Accessories time: well now this is the fun part, because i honestly think my accessories make the ENTIRE OUTFIT and without them it would suck. first the shoes, ah these shoes are so cute but they kill my feet and  that smile you see was probably form me screaming in pain, no it wasn't a, i am just joking. i wouldn't advise anyone to wear these shoes if they have a very low tolerance to pain. but i cant deny, these shoes are beautiful. i would talk about the rest but i'll just let the pictures do the talking 

thanks for viewing my blog, please feel free to leave a comment, i love those and At this point i am hoping you understand why this post is called  ''L-is For?'' and if you think the answer is LOVE you're wrong, i'll give you a, little hint, look closely at the bag. 

SHIRT: Target 
PANTS: Macy's
LV BAG: Yoogi's closet 

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