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Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hey guys, happy sunday. i know i haven't posted anything the whole week and i am very sorry, school got in the way. so anyway moving on, today i didn't get dragged to church for the first time, i actually went out of my own will. But selecting what to wear was the fun part. i wore a green shirt, black dress pants, peach shoes and ended it off with some really cute accessories.

firstly the shirt: this shirt is two colored, what i mean is, it is actually green but depending on where i am it turns blue which i think is really cool, don't really have any shirt thats can do that. not only is it two colored, its very comfortable and thin, so no matter how hot it is i won't be profusely sweating and  it has these printed lines that i love because it gives the shirt a little bit of life to it.

secondly my pants: well well well, what can i say about these pants without going on and on and on. honestly these dress pants are the most comfortable pants i have ever worn, it felt like i was wearing sweat-pants while i was in church, it was THAT comfortable. the problem i usually have with dress pants is that for some reason they itch my skin and instead of paying attention i would be scratching away like a mad woman, but these pants were so soft and comfortable i was NOT scratching away, although i did scratch but that was from the constant torture i was getting from mosquitoes. 

third are the shoes & bag: okay i know you're probably thinking why did she wear peach shoes? well i wore them simply because i felt adventurous and decided to wear them and also because my necklace has peach in it (somewhat). but like every other clothing i had on, these shoes were very comfortable, compared to the ones i wore last week, these shoes didn't hurt half as much and the best part of wearing these shoes is that i didn't fall, well i did trip once but no one noticed so that doesn't count. this bag is almost like the one i wore last week, it is very potable, i can put anything i there and when i say anything i don't mean that in literal terms, i mean it in a more figurative way.

lastly my accessories  the owl necklace and owl earrings are just the cutest things ever, the necklace is great because i can adjust it and make is a chocker, or i could just let it fall.  i really love the back piece because it falls down my back so effortlessly. 

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shoes: BRASH shoes 
Pants: Grass Collection 
Shirt: Claudia Richard Clothing