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Monday, September 23, 2013

Bun-Day Monday!

Hello, Hola, Toodaloo! hows everyone on this fine Monday? Well i am glad to be back in the blogging zone and because i made a promise,
i felt it would only be right if i kept it, today i woke up extra early to get dressed so that i can take pictures and blog. i got tons of compliments * dramatically flips weave* which i guess was a good sign that i was doing something right because trust me if i wasn't blogging today I'd go to school looking like something the cat dragged in and I'm not even joking...okay maybe just a tad bit. Today i wore my hair in a bun which i normally don't do but i didn't think it would look good if i Left it down hence why this post is called ''Bun-Day Monday'' get it? cause I'm wearing my hair in a bun and today is also you still don't get it ? i really need to work on my jokes. Okay now on to the fun part, without any more delay here's what i wore today hope you like it :) xxx

okay guys so that's all for today, i hope you like it. i would love to know your thoughts and opinions so don't be afraid to leave comments down in the comment box and i promise to  reply everyone. Follow my blog if you like it, share it, whatever you like.  I have to run along now, I've got a pharmacology test tomorrow and I've got to pass so pray for seriously pray for me. I shall be blogging on Wednesday but if you miss me too much (which you probably won't *insert sad face*) you can find me on twitter and instagram, my username for both is _myprecious_ , oh and before i forget next week Tuesday is ''Lets Talk Tuesday'' so i need you to vote on what topic you want me to discuss so go on VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! and if you have a topic you'd like me to talk about leave it in the comment box and i'll add it to the poll, which is at the top right side of my blog. Alrighty then, I'll see you soon but until then I'll have to say toodaloo or like humans say goodbye :) xxx

-Precious XOXO