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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tis The Season To wear Denim

          Hello you lovely lots. long time not blog update, well i have been super-duper busy these past few weeks and i haven't really had the time to sit in front of my laptop and blog but fear not today i have decided to update and what better way than to do it with my favorite trend and a special guest. Since we are all in the christmas spirit i was super excited to take pictures in the snow, although it was cold, i really enjoyed posing for the camera. Okay so we all know about this denim on denim trend and there isn't an exact way to wear it but i prefer to do the lighter and darker pattern, i know i cant rock the light denim on denim so i just stick to what i can pull off. I Usually don't have guests on my blog but i was happy to bring my friend (Tinuke) along with this post and the fact that she was wearing a light wash denim made it easier for her to fit in the theme of ''denim''. 

Okay Folks thats all for today. Thanks for stopping by my little blog, please feel free to leave your comments and opinions, leave your blog links if You've done this trend before so i can do a little peaking. And remember Tis the season to be happy so go and be happy :) xxx